Claire & Darren – Wedding at Broughton Astley Church & Brownsover Hall

Back in the deep, dark depths of time – longer than i care to admit now i’m well and truly in the 30-something bracket – Cathy and I did our first wedding job for real-live strangers and the location for that was Browsnover Hall. Brownsover is a lovely venue: everything at hand with some great features.

So we were delighted – and a little nostalgic – to return there for the wedding of Claire and Darren.  First of all we found ourselves a bit further north in Broughton Astley, where no-one walks alone:

Formation button-holing – illegal in 12 counties.

This was pretty much our first glimpse of Claire after finishing her morning scrub-up; makes for a very proud father.

We managed to haggle a balcony position so got a good view of the proceedings.

A groom has a lot to remember on the day: get dressed, get to the church, give the correct hand to your soon-to-be-wife so she can put the wedding ring on your appropriately named ‘wedding ring finger’….  well two out of three will do 🙂

Reliving the ring moment 🙂

Onwards to Brownsover.

I dabbled with a bit of algebra at uni [it’s just one thing which makes me such a vivacious dinner guest], so here we go: C = Claire, D = Darren ∴ C x D = 300.  Seems like a lot of future offspring to me, put that’s admirable fecundity.

What with the ring clanger and photos from Darren’s past, the bestman’s excellent speech effectively wrote itself.

Had a request for evening formals of the stags and hens.  Now, in the speeches there was mention of surf ironing boards being carried around on the stag-do, so it seemed only fitting to ‘acquire’ one for this shot.  Did i mention i’m fully insured?

So the stags partied pretty hard, but in all honesty, the hens put them in the shade…

… especially when asked to replicate what they thought a strangely absent hen might have been doing at that particular time:

We had a bouquet toss this time.

And a lucky winner from the ensuing scrum.


We managed to get a few shots online whilst Claire and Darren were on honeymoon: Just checked phone for first time since our Big Day and had to take a look at your amazing pics!! WOW!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day so well…. Thanks again mate, we owe you and Cathy a Chang Beer when we get home!!” – we’ll hold you to that!

Looking forward to the album from this one.

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